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Welcome to Optimal Rehabilitation. We are a premier facility that specializes in providing top-notch Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy services in Bronx & Queens NY. Our skilled therapists work diligently to help our patients achieve their health goals and restore their physical capabilities.

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Physical Rehabilitation & Occupational Therapy

Our therapists dedicate themselves to individualized attention for each patient, guaranteeing that their rehabilitation objectives are achieved. We consistently reevaluate therapy programs to track variations and progress in a patient’s condition. Our therapists deliver concentrated, hands-on treatment within our clinic setting.

Balance & Gait Training

Improve your stability and walking patterns for safer, more confident movement.

Pain Management

Pain Management Therapy involves a variety of physical therapy techniques designed to reduce pain and improve mobility.

No-Fault/Workers Comp

For individuals who have sustained injuries due to work-related incidents or automobile accidents.

Strength & Conditioning

Boost your physical power and endurance with our tailored exercise programs.

Physical Therapy

Regain mobility and function through personalized therapeutic exercises and treatments.

Postural Restoration

Correct imbalances and alignment issues for better posture and reduced discomfort.

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Contact us any suitable way and make an appointment with the doctor whose help you need! Visit us at the scheduled time.

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    We also treat...

    • Neck Pain
    • Shoulder Pain
    • Disk Herniation
    • Bulged Disk
    • Arthritis
    • Sciatica
    • Loss of Balance
    • Back Pain

    Tell me more about Optimal Rehabilitation

    We are dedicated to helping our patients regain their strength, mobility, and independence, with a strong focus on personalized care and treatment plans. Our experienced team of licensed therapists uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the best possible outcomes. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or striving to improve your overall health, we’re here to support and guide you every step of the way. Come join us at Optimal Rehabilitation, where your healing journey begins.

    What can I expect on my first visit?

    You can find more information about your first visit by clicking here or by visiting

    What Our Patients Say?

    • Es un lugar de mucha atención y disciplina sobre todo muy bueno presiónales en la terapia y Rehabilitación estoy encantada de seguir en este lugar

      iris perez Avatar iris perez
      May 21, 2024

      It is a place of great attention and discipline, especially very good pressure in therapy and rehabilitation. I am delighted to continue in this place.

      iris perez Avatar iris perez
      May 21, 2024
    • I have been going to this location for a while and I feel so much better. They use various machines and techniques to get the pain out! I especially love the short massage they give either on legs or back, depending on the body part. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. The owner really takes time to let you know how to exercise the body part that’s giving you the trouble right. He has various machines and some helpers to him. I highly recommend this place. They have one Queens too.

      Janeyis Gómez Avatar Janeyis Gómez
      November 20, 2023

      I having been doing different therapy at this facility over the past six years. The recovery is excellent the staff is efficient.i highly recommend

      Georgia Nicholson Avatar Georgia Nicholson
      October 5, 2023
    • I’m been seeing this typist for years and he and his staff are respectful and and kind always available to help me increase my health his famous quote is pain pain go away don’t come back another day

      Sunshine Parks Avatar Sunshine Parks
      August 22, 2023

      My name is foday bajaha I normally visit and do. My physical therapy three time my first visit was 2006 .I leanrn a lot not only exercise but also spiritual help 🦜 talk and laughs 😄.I enjoyed visiting this place 😁!I will recommyour end all!

      Foday Bajaha Avatar Foday Bajaha
      December 28, 2023
    • This clinic goes above and beyond for their patients. They take care of their patients with time. This clinic cares for their patients. The doctor and his assistants will take time to show all procedures and exercises and makes sure that is done correctly. This facility will take care of you and make sure that they do their best to help with the pain. I believe that this facility is great, and I recommend all to take in this facility as your top choice for physical therapy. Thank you so much!!!!

      Abby Khalis Avatar Abby Khalis
      April 26, 2024

      They do excellent job with good customer/client relations. In fact it’s a place I would recommend for everyone battling with an injury and pain

      Israel Adjei Avatar Israel Adjei
      March 18, 2024
    • The staff in this establishment was very professional, they treated me very well and gave me a outstanding massage. Definitely going back again!

      Quetcy Ortiz Avatar Quetcy Ortiz
      June 8, 2023

      I was looking for a place for physical therapy for my sister, after visiting several sites, we decided to try Optimal Rehabilitation. Dr. Fuzailov assisted us personally. He is very professional and try to help his patients with their health troubles. Dr. Fuzailov is attentive to his patients' concerns and educates them on improving their illnesses. The staff is amicable making patients feel confortable during the sessions. I recommend this place if you are looking for a great physical therapist.

      Maylen Molina Avatar Maylen Molina
      June 22, 2023
    • This Phycial Theraphy is the best , the doctor takes his time to explain everything that’s going on plus the exercise . The employees there are also great nice and kind . I highly recommend this place for anyone ❤️🙏🏻

      yisellis ramos Avatar yisellis ramos
      May 17, 2024

      I would recommend this place. The staff is friendly and helpful. The place is always up to par. They target your painful areas and give you tips to do at home.

      Nora Dejesus Avatar Nora Dejesus
      June 4, 2024
    • I love love this PT Dr and staff. They’re understanding knowledgeable kind bilingual just friendly and careful. I absolutely recommend them.

      Margarita Edmond Avatar Margarita Edmond
      May 15, 2024

      Buenas tardes ,, le recomiendo mucho este lugar no tan solo por el trato si no por todos sus servicio ,, nose arepentiran

      Kimberlin Tavarez Avatar Kimberlin Tavarez
      February 2, 2024
    • Good places, and treat all the patients as a family, also the doctor a great therapist take his time to help you 10 out 10

      Carlos Ramirez Avatar Carlos Ramirez
      September 14, 2023

      Optimal Rehabilitation is very good clean very good bedside manner I will recommend coming here if you need OT or PT

      Myrella Figueroa Avatar Myrella Figueroa
      May 20, 2024
    • Me gusta aki porgue el dr ase buena terapia y los gue trabajan con son buenos tratan los pacientes con respeto amable t asen sentir bien

      Edita Palacios Avatar Edita Palacios
      October 3, 2023

      I would highly recommend this place. The staff are amazing and welcoming. They go above and beyond for their clients. They make you feel comfortable and relax. The place is always clean. They get to the root of your pain with different techniques and machines. You won’t be disappointed.

      June 4, 2024


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